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about us

The management consulting company xpertlog gmbh is specialized in the areas of supply chain management (SCM). Customers are medium to large size enterprises from various industries. Among these are manufacturers, retailers, distributors and logistics service providers.

Our core activity is to organize the complexity of the supply chain starting with the suppliers, to the production and distribution, and towards the end users in an economical and ecological way to enhance the financial value of the companies.

Besides advisory on strategic levels we also offer advisory on the processing & operational level. We work in the areas of procurement, warehousing, distribution, and transportation.

Additionally we organize logistics organizations, design the right logistics infrastructure and work out effective controlling tools.

The longstanding work experience and software know how of our network partners, Actio Retis, complements and specializes/specifies our consulting services

In order to make the right decision in uncertain times and environments, we use a methodical approach and simulation tools.

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